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Transformation Story

Transformation Story


Josh was a success. He had everything they said. Good looks, youthful physique, desirable, the kind of guy that made heads turn. Financially well off, he dressed immaculately in clothes that enhanced his body. He was everyone’s idea of the perfect boyfriend, husband, son, you name it.

30 years old and his business were going from strength to strength. He had acquired all the trappings of success; a beautiful apartment in the smartest part of town, the fast sports car, high speed motorbike, designer clothes, smart holidays. In fact he had everything anyone could wish for. All this came at a price. Long hours were spent at work, chasing clients for lucrative deals. He was rarely at home to enjoy his accumulation of luxuries and he had no one to share his life with. There were many women in and out of his life but none stayed around for very long. Business always came first and it would never be long before excuses about working late started and any chance of a relationship fizzled out.

Josh was desired and chased by women, he enjoyed this and it fed his ego. He hadn’t met anyone he could imagine spending more than a couple of dates with. Still, this didn’t matter, he was young and fit and there would be plenty of time for all that in the future. Settling down could wait. It was important to acquire as much money as possible now so that he could take it easy in later life, when he was much older. There was plenty of time before he was ready for “pipe and slippers”, as the expression went.

He kept himself as fit as he could. He belonged to the smartest, most fashionable gym where he kept his body in peak condition. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on him, he was toned and muscular, a fitness freak. Healthy eating - no big business lunches for him. He neither smoked nor drank alcohol, he never had. As the boss of his company he allowed no one to smoke anywhere in the building or in his presence. Even clients knew of his aversion to smoking and avoided doing so when in his company.

As you might expect, Josh was somewhat arrogant and impatient. He had no time for mixing with people who weren’t as sharp and decisive as him. He considered people over 40 to be well past it and everyone who worked for him fit in the age range of 18-35. Even clients came within this prejudice. He wanted their business but was privately very disparaging about them being “fuddy-duddy”, “relics”, “past it” or fat, bald, ugly, etc.

A new client had contacted Josh with regard to a rather large investment in the business. The company needed a major shareholder to enable the business to expand to the next level and become quoted on the Stock Exchange. This investor had a reputation for success and so needed to be “wooed” with great care.

A meeting was arranged for Tuesday lunchtime. Josh was dressed to impress in his slim fitting designer suit, his hair immaculately cut to show off his handsome face to best effect. He had booked at table for two at the best and most fashionable restaurant in town. He arrived at the restaurant in good time and sat waiting for the client he really needed to impress. Across the restaurant he spotted a portly, elderly guy with a waiter guiding him towards the table, he guessed this must be Walter, the prospective new investor. For the time being he suppressed his disappointment that this elderly chap would be a new partner in the business. Josh offered his hand to Walter who shook his hand and sat down in the seat offered to him. After some small talk the waiter brought the menu and the two ordered lunch. Josh went for the healthy option but Walter ordered a pretty heavy lunch. As the waiter walked away with their orders Walter reached in his pocket and pulled out a small leather case, from this he extracted an enormous Havana cigar. Walter proceeded with the ritual of preparing it for smoking. He saw Josh’s rather pained expression and offered him a cigar; he could tell that he was not too keen. Walter said, “You don’t mind if I smoke do you? It’s the habit of a lifetime I’m afraid. You’ll have to indulge an old man.” Josh felt it was too early in their meeting to object and Walter’s confident demeanor convinced him that there would be little point, “No by all means go ahead.” He dreaded the stench of the old man blowing smoke in his direction while he was trying to eat. Furthermore his clothes would reek of the smell afterwards. It has to be tolerated if I’m going to get his money, he thought.

Walter lit up the cigar and created clouds of blue smoke that hung in the air, there was total confidence in the way he smoked, no apology and no compromise, if anyone got in the way of his smoke that was the way it was. While the old man performed his cigar lighting ritual, Josh took the opportunity to size this man up. He was very portly with a ball-shaped belly that must have been 54 inches around. He was dressed in a suit that was of the best quality but was definitely old-fashioned. He wore braces to hold up his trousers, the waistband of which rested beneath his large belly. Walter had a thick white beard that was fairly tidy. He was bald, typical male pattern baldness with a horseshoe fringe of white hair around the sides and back of his head. He had a comb over; several strands of hair grew from the side of his head and were glued in place by hair cream or some such stuff. Josh thought it looked ridiculous, “How silly to try to hide the obvious baldness in this way” thought Josh. However, the strands of hair were glued across his smooth bald dome with obvious great care. He wore a regimental tie with tiepin and had gold cuff links at his cuffs. His shirt was white and very starched; the collar was high on his neck and looked very stiff and confining. The collar pushed his fleshy jowls further out than they would normally have been, giving him a triple chin effect. He had a pleasant face but it was lined with age and experience, his eyes were kind but were topped by large and white bushy eyebrows that looked as if they had not been trimmed in a long time. Josh looked down at the old man’s feet and saw he was wearing highly polished black, laced shoes, very plain and very “old man”, they were expensive, that was obvious. Above the shoes his eyes followed the black socks attached to sock garters that stood out over the pale whiteness of the skin between the socks and the trouser bottoms. Walter was very much the old fashioned gentleman. 

As lunch progressed they indulged in more small talk, finding out more about each other. Josh discovered that he answered Walter’s questions rather as if he were talking to his Grandfather. Walter was 67 and had led an interesting and quite colorful life. He was unmarried, “never had the time to find a wife”, he said. He was obviously very rich and as the conversation progressed to business matters, it became clear that he was very sure he wanted to make a sizeable investment in Josh’s company and he was delighted. The deal they agreed would make Walter a 40% shareholder but Josh would still have control over the business, Norman would be very much a silent partner.

Lunch finished and Walter suggested continuing their discussion at his city centre apartment that was only a mile away from the restaurant. Josh readily agreed, as he wanted to get the business arrangement finalized. He ordered a taxi and paid the bill, they were soon on their way. Walter’s apartment was in a smart Victorian building overlooking a traditional square. Inside it was furnished with good quality furniture and paintings, very dark but comfortable and relaxing, safe. The placed reeked of tobacco smoke that Josh was none too keen on; he constantly held a finger lightly under his nose. Josh was shown into the lounge and offered a brandy that he declined asking for mineral water instead. No mineral water was available so a coffee was suggested and Josh accepted. Once the two men were both seated the conversation returned to business matters. As they talked Walter stood and walked across the room to the fireplace. On the mantelpiece there was a large pipe rack with several different styles of pipe. Walter selected a large bowled pipe from the rack and lifted up a tobacco jar placed next to the pipe rack, he proceeded to fill his pipe with tobacco. Josh watched with some interest of which Walter was quite aware. “I hope you have no objection to a pipe,” said the old man. “Um…No…go ahead”, replied Josh thinking he could hardly object when this was Walter’s home, he was also quite interested to watch. The old man packed his pipe with tobacco and then struck a wooden match, bringing it up to the pipe bowl and lighting the tobacco. Clouds of smoke issued from the old man’s mouth and pipe and at last he took a deep inhale before exhaling the smoke contentedly across the room. The smoke cloud made its way across to Josh, enveloping him completely. He thought the aroma was quite pleasant but he waved his arm to disperse the smoke, wearing his usual expression of disdain wherever smoking was concerned, he coughed quietly.

Walter placed the pipe stem between his teeth, closed his lips down on the stem and puffed at the pipe, issuing a smoke cloud from time to time. He spoke without removing the pipe from his mouth. Business discussions continued but eventually began to run out of steam. It was agreed that the paperwork would be drawn up and signed within the next couple of weeks. Josh was now eager to leave but didn’t want to upset things by rushing away too soon. He was thinking about how soon he could announce his intention to leave when Walter sat down beside him on the settee. Josh moved away slightly to accommodate the portly old man. Walter began to speak. “Josh, I wonder if I might say something to you which is rather personal?” Josh jumped inwardly at this question. “What’s that?” he replied. “Well I must say that I find you to be a very attractive young man.” Josh blushed slightly but thanked him for the compliment. “What I mean to say is…well…I wondered if…if there was any chance that you might find me attractive as well?” Josh shifted in his seat and tried to stand up but couldn’t because the old man had wedged him tightly against the arm of the settee. Josh stuttered this wasn’t like him but there was something about the commanding presence of the old man that unnerved him. “I-I-I-I’m not q-q-quite s-sure w-what you mean or if you m-mean w-what I think…but, I don’t find you that way, in any all, I’m sorry.” The old man persisted, “couldn’t we get together just to see how it works out? No strings attached.” Josh had managed to pull himself up from the settee and was now feeling quite annoyed. “Look there is no way I would have anything to do with you, outside of business. Firstly, I’m not gay and secondly you are an ugly old man who smokes too much. I’m trying not to be rude but…but, well you started this.” Josh began to walk towards the door. “I’d be grateful if you would just get any ideas like…THAT…out of your head and forget it. We’ll pretend it never happened okay?” Josh had by now moved into the hall and was looking for the front door. Walter was upset by this onslaught and said, “I could make you regret what you have just said you know.” Josh felt the business deal slipping away but at this moment didn’t care anymore, he shouted back, “Well do your worst old man, see if I care.” With that he opened the front door and walked out, slamming the door behind him.

Josh found a taxi to take him home. Once inside his apartment he undressed and threw his clothes to one side, they reeked of the old man’s smoke. He climbed into the shower and, as he washed himself, he began to turn over in his mind what had just happened to him. After a time he began to think that the old man hadn’t done anything very wrong, it was flattering to be propositioned, even if it was by a fat old man who was the very opposite of what he found attractive. There was a quiet thought running through his mind though, there was something quite compelling about Walter, a strong masculinity that was safe and reassuring. Josh pushed those thoughts away, he must do something to rescue the business deal and the best thing to do, he resolved, was to leave things for a day or two and then call to apologize, suggest that their business deal go ahead and to both forget about the incident between them, it never happened. Josh would rescue the day and all would be well. Unbeknown to him, Walter was making other plans.

Two days later Josh telephoned Walter. Walter seemed fine about everything and told him there was no problem at all; he was charming and polite with no hint of any rancor. The business deal could go ahead. Josh said the paperwork would be with Walter by the end of the week, ready for signing. “That’s wonderful dear boy, I’ll look forward to it.” Josh inwardly sighed relief and was about to say his goodbye when Walter said, “I’ll no doubt be seeing you before that anyway. I can see that you and I are going to be old friends.” Josh couldn’t think what he had meant by that, especially the emphasis on the word “old” but he passed over it and said goodbye.

That night Josh had vivid dreams. He was lost in a long corridor, running up and down but unable to find any way out. Finally, Walter appeared and Josh ran into his arms, feeling safe and secure in a strong embrace. He was happy and content but as Walter moved to kiss him full on the mouth Josh woke up. When he woke the next morning Josh felt tired, he had had a restless night and could remember snippets of dream where Walter had figured. Josh was up and ready to leave his apartment at 5am set to get to the office. He took the lift down to the underground car park beneath his apartment building and he walked to his car. Out of the shadows a large, heavy-set man appeared and grabbed Josh by the arm. Just then another big and burly man appeared, grabbing his other arm. Josh tried to struggle free but these men easily over powered him, bundling him into a large white Transit van parked next to Josh’s car. Josh shouted protests and continued to struggle but was unable to resist the strength of these two men. They said nothing. He was thrown into the back of the van and the doors were shut and locked behind him. The engine was started and the van drove on. Josh banged on the doors for a while but the movement of the van threw him away from the doors and onto the floor of the van. He realized it was futile so sat back and wondered what on earth was happening to him and why. There was nothing he could do now but as soon as the doors were open…well!

After some time the van came to a halt and the engine was cut. The back doors of the van were opened and Josh was hauled out and along a path into what looked like a warehouse. Inside it was dark. The two men marched him along corridors and finally to a door where he was pushed inside with the door slammed firmly shut and locked behind him. He shouted at the men through the closed door but there was no reply. He looked around the room with no windows all that was inside was a table and what looked like a dentist chair, he sat on the floor and pulled his knees up to his chin, hugging his knees and burying his head downwards. His watch said 8.05am, just as he looked at his watch the door was unlocked and Walter entered the room with the two burly chaps who had abducted Josh. “My dear boy, nothing to worry about, its only me.” “What am I doing here and what exactly do you think you’re going to get from me?” “Well,” said Walter, “I think it’s about time that you learnt to be more respectful towards me, after all I am going to be running your company before long and I will be your boss.” “That’ll never happen you can forget that!” shouted Josh. “Ah but it will happen and you are going to be very pleased about it I can tell you.” Josh was puzzled, “What makes you think that?” Walter replied patiently, “You have a very low opinion of me at the moment, in fact of older men generally. I’m going to change that and you are going to be part of a wonderful experiment. You are a beautiful young man and I want you, body and soul, all of you. If I can’t have you as you are, willingly, then I’ll change you. You will come to love me and you will realize you can’t live without me. I’ll change you so that no one else but me would want you.” Josh was laughing as he said, “You must be nuts, you old fool. What makes you think I would ever have anything to do with you? I told you I’m not gay and even if I was I wouldn’t touch an old man like you with a barge pole.” Walter smiled and said, “That will change. I’m not only going to bring out your true sexual desires I’m going to remake you in my own image. You will soon be a portly old man like me; everyone will see you as a 67-year-old man. You will dress as do, act as I do. I will take control of your company and your life and you will learn to worship, love and adore me and the very ground I walk on. If I’m an old fool, as you say, then you will become an old fool too. “That’s impossible!” declared josh. “Is it?” replied Walter and the two heavies left the room and shut the door. “He must be mad. I’ll be missed”, he thought. But how would anyone know where to find him?

Some hours later the door re-opened. The two heavies entered and grabbed Josh, forcing him to sit in the chair. They strapped him down with tough-looking nylon straps. A woman entered the room. She said nothing but prepared a syringe and wiped Josh’s forearm with a cotton wool swab before injecting him. “What’s that you’ve done to me?” shouted Josh. “Nothing to worry about; something to make you sleep,” is the woman’s reply. Josh felt drowsy and his eyesight became blurred. He lost consciousness.

Later; Josh was aware, in a dream-like way, that various things were happening around him and that something, he couldn’t quite work out what, were being done to him. It was difficult to identify anything clearly, he felt nothing, certainly not pain, and he drifted in and out of sleep. He wasn’t aware that as he began to regain consciousness he was sedated again and again. He was kept in this state for many days.

Josh was allowed to regain semi-consciousness after a time. He felt drowsy and weak but could hear voices talking to him directly. Suggestions were put to him about the kind of things he liked and disliked. He was bombarded, day after day, with suggestions and directives. He preferred men to women. That was true. Men were much better company. Men were more beautiful than women, their bodies were arousing, he wanted to be wrapped in a man’s arms, to be kissed by a man, and he needed to give his body to a man. These thoughts were arousing him; his cock was hard when he thought of men. He had no sexual desire for women at all. More thoughts entered his head. Older men were preferable to younger men. Young men were unattractive, they were silly and immature, not worth the effort, and in fact he found them positively repellent. Older men were beautiful. He needed to be made love to by an older man and this man had to be over 60. He loved their wrinkles, their baldness, and their strong masculinity. He needed to be passive towards older men. They were and should be the dominant ones; he needed to be under their control, he needed them to be on top both mentally and physically. There was nothing he wanted more than to be on his knees in front of an old man, worshipping him, kissing his feet, sucking his cock and giving him pleasure. He needed to be beneath an old man as the old man fucked him. He needed the old man to be in charge and make every decision; he himself was not capable of a decision without asking Walter first. Walter was always the best judge. He knew everything and was never wrong. At first Josh had tried to object to these suggestions but he began to see the reasoning behind the directives and agreed, all this was right, why he had never realized this before, it all made sense.

Josh now knew that he was only sexually attracted to older men; only men over 60 could arouse him. Slim bodies were a turn off. A man needed some weight on his body. Real men had bald heads, they smoked pipes and cigars and smelled of tobacco, they drank alcohol and ate hearty meals. Big ball bellies were sexy as were large breasts on men, these breasts had large round nipples, they were gorgeous and Josh knew he wanted to have his lips around them, sucking them. Josh knew now that he needed to mate with an old man, to find a father figure who would take care of him and show him the correct way through life. He wanted to be owned and loved by a real man, someone who would put him in his proper place, passive and obedient. He needed to seek out the company of old men and to be accepted by them, whatever that meant he had to do. Josh knew that the only man he wanted was Walter, it was now very clear.

Josh finally awoke from his sleep. It was a bright sunny day and light was streaming through the window. He looked around him. A plain, clean white room that had no pictures and no furniture except the bed he was lying in. He tried to sit up in bed but collapsed back down again. His body felt very restricted. He raised his hand to scratch his head. He was shocked to find his head was smooth and hairless. He explored his head further and felt hair around the sides and back, some long strands of hair hung down on one side. The top of his head was smooth and silky and he thought this felt quite pleasant. His hands explored his face. His skin felt coarser and flabbier than he remembered and he discovered a thick bush of hair on his top lip. He scratched his nose and it was much larger and fleshier, all his skin felt loose and different. He concluded he must have been very ill which meant this must be a hospital or something. “How long have I been here?” 

Strange thoughts were going through Josh’s head. He felt rather scared but also a strong feeling of excitement. It took him a while to gain enough courage to explore his situation further, he decided he ought to look beneath his bedclothes and see what had happened to his body. He pulled the sheets down, at this point noticing that his hands looked like they belonged to someone else, they were much bigger somehow and the skin was sagging and wrinkled. Beneath the sheets he was naked but the body he saw was surely not his, this must be some strange dream. He had a massive belly, not unlike Walter’s. His breasts were large and flopped down onto the top of his belly. On his chest he saw and felt hair, lots of it. It was white; he was covered in thick white chest hair. His nipples were fleshy and round and large, they were surrounded by a swirl of white hair. Surely his chest had been smooth before? His arms were large but not muscular and they too were covered in thick white hair. His legs were pale and very smooth, almost hairless, the skin was quite shiny. He tried to look at his cock and balls but his large belly hid them. He felt his cock and it was fat, thick but quite short and had a large overhang of foreskin. His balls were much as he remembered them being but both them and his cock were covered in a bush of thick pubic hair, he assumed, correctly, and that this was probably white hair as well. What on earth had happened to him? He began to call out for someone to come and help him.

Within a few moments the door opened. There stood Walter smoking on a large pipe. “Ah, dear chap; awake at last! How do you feel?” “Bloody hell!” shouted Josh. “What’s happening to me? How long have I been here?” Walter puffed at his pipe, “Some weeks old chap. You have been quite poorly, but you’re better now.” Josh still didn’t understand, “What do you mean “poorly”? Why are you here?”

Walter explained to him calmly. “You were brought here by me. I decided I wanted you so much that I would do anything to get you and to keep you. You have been given a wonderful opportunity. You have been given a new start in life, a better life than you had before. You have been surgically transformed into a man of mature years. You are now an elder gentleman with a fine figure, if I might say so, as you have been re-modeled to look like me in almost every way. You have your own features but they have been developed to full maturity. Now we are at the beginning of our wonderful life together.”

Josh could hardly believe his ears. Walter continued. “Now all that needs to happen is for us to train you in some new behaviors, get you used to your new position in life and for us to consummate our love. We’ll have you up out of that bed, dressed and ready, and then we have a fine lunch ahead of us to celebrate.” Josh protested, he was going to get up and get out but Walter quieted him immediately by saying, “You have no choice and you know it, I am always right. This is what you have always wanted and that is all there is to it, you must get used to your new life, you belong to me now.” Josh knew Walter was right, he did love him and he couldn’t think of anything else he wanted to do but please him. “But what about my business, I….” Walter hushed him, “here read this, it shows you have signed all your business affairs over to me, I am taking care of everything.” Josh looked at the paper in Walter’s hand, he couldn’t focus on the words, and they were blurred. “Ah, yes, you’ll need these from now on old boy.” Walter handed him a pair of half-moon spectacles. Josh put them on and the words became clear. Walter was the owner of the business. It felt right. Walter was the boss.

Walter helped Josh out of bed and onto his feet. Josh found it difficult to cope with his new body shape and felt quite out of breath with the effort of getting up. Walter told him it would become easier as he got used to his increased size and weight. Walter stood and looked Josh in the eyes. “I think the first thing is for you to show me that you know your place in our relationship. Get down on your knees old man.” Josh knelt, with some difficulty. Walter pointed at his shiny black shoes. “Now old man, you will lick my shoes and show me your obedience.” Josh eagerly leaned forward to Walter’s shoes and licked the shiny black leather, he couldn’t understand why he wanted to do this humiliating chore so much but he knew he had to. He was aware that Walter was puffing on his pipe as Josh showed that he knew his place in the world. He licked at the black leather shoes lovingly and passionately. He could taste the shoe polish and realized his tongue would be black with it. It didn’t matter; he would continue to lick both shoes until Walter told him to stop. A full five minutes went by. “Now you may get up”, said Walter. Josh struggled to his feet and stood upright. “Now I will take you to your room, you’ll find your clothes there waiting for you. Get dressed then come through to the sitting room when you are ready, about an hour I think.” “Oh and one other thing, In private you may address me as Walter or “Dear” perhaps, but I think the rest of the time you must call me “Sir”. Is that understood old man?” “Yes Sir” Josh replied. Walter continued, “I think that from now on you will be known as Jocelyn, a good old fashioned name, much more grown up than Josh and much more suited to your mature status.” “Yes Sir, I will be known as Jocelyn.” With that Walter guided him along to his room.

In the dressing room Jocelyn saw the clothes laid out for him. They were nothing like the clothes he was used to wearing, but if Walter said they were his, they must be. He picked up a pair of white y-fronts they were XXXL size. He needed to sit down in order to put them on but as soon as he pulled them up his legs and over his bottom and genitals he found they fit well, baggy but comfortable although the waistband wouldn’t go around his belly so he nestled it beneath. Next he pulled on a white vest. Again it was very large but fit him perfectly. Socks were pulled on; these were black and quite long. He saw a pair of sock garters that he put on next remembering that Walter had worn garters when he first met him. Beside the bed were a pair of leather slippers, he slipped his feet into these and made his way to the bathroom.

In the bathroom above the washbasin was a mirror. Jocelyn was nervous; he had not yet seen how he now looked so he took a deep breath and stood before the mirror. The face that looked at him was a shock. It looked vaguely like him, his features were his own but they had changed so much. A bald man with a thick grey moustache looked back at him. His face was plump and sagging, there were wrinkles on his forehead and cheeks, his nose seemed so much larger and there were grey hairs growing from his nostrils. He had a double chin; his ears were larger and had grey hair sprouting from within. The thick grey moustache covered his upper lip and curled into his mouth, he immediately thought he would cut this moustache because it was annoying him but then realized that Walter wouldn’t want that so instead he found a razor and some shaving soap and proceeded to shave his cheeks and chin to rid himself of the thick grayish black stubble. It was difficult to shave around all the folds in his skin but he figured that if he was slow and careful he wouldn’t nick himself with the razor blade. When the shave was complete he washed his face and set about combing the long locks of grey hair across his bald dome. The hair wouldn’t stay in place so he discovered a jar of hair cream in the bathroom cabinet and spread that across his comb over strands to glue them in place. This took him some time but he was finally satisfied that the strands of hair were firmly stuck down. Next he doused his hands with “Old Spice” aftershave, found in the cabinet, and massaged the after-shave into his podgy face. “Well that’s that” he said aloud and walked back into the dressing room where he put on a clean white shirt which had no collar, the collar came separately and it was hard and starched requiring collar studs. These were difficult to fasten and it was especially difficult to get the regimental tie through the collar. Eventually it was done but the collar restricted his head movement, it raised his head up, making it difficult to look downwards with any ease. It pushed his jowls over the top of the collar pushing them into giving him a triple chin. He fastened a tiepin to the tie and put cuff links through the cuffs and fastened them. Next, the trousers; A wide fitting waist that he fastened beneath his sizeable belly, he wasn’t aware but his waist was now 46 inches and the belly some 54 inches around. There was no belt to keep the trousers up but braces were attached to them and these he slid over his shoulders. With great difficulty he bent down to put his shoes on, puffing and grunting at the exertion. The shoes were well-polished plain and black lace up, just like Walter’s; just like the shoes he had enthusiastically licked earlier. His cock hardened as he thought about that moment. After a good deal of struggle the shoes were on and the laces tied. He now put on the waistcoat and buttoned it over his belly, next he adjusted the pocket watch and chain fastened to the waistcoat, checking the time and slipping the watch into his waistcoat pocket. Finally he reached for the suit jacket. The suit was dark charcoal grey, handmade and expensive and very much an old man’s choice. He slipped the jacket on and straightened it. He felt the pockets. In one pocket were a silver pipe lighter and a black leather pouch full of pleasantly smelling pipe tobacco. In the other pocket he found a large brown billiard style pipe, it was well used so he thought everything must belong to Walter, I won’t be needing these he thought, although he left them in the pockets to give back to Walter later. Josh was ready and he needed to look in the mirror fascinated to see how he was looking. He paused at the bathroom mirror and saw his comb over was still intact; he straightened his tie and admired the bristling grey moustache that he thought looked very handsome. Jocelyn found his way to the sitting room, this was a big apartment and he tried two doors before he found the correct one. In the sitting room he found Walter, seated in a big leather armchair, still smoking on his pipe. “Ah, my dear old chap, do come in. We’ll be eating lunch shortly. You must be starved.” Jocelyn was indeed ravenous.

“Come over and stand here. I want to have a good look at you.” Jocelyn walked over and stood directly in front of Walter. “Ah you look splendid, a most handsome old man.” “Thank you Sir,” Jocelyn replied with a feeling of pride and pleasure that he had pleased. “Now let’s sit together on the settee and get better acquainted.” Jocelyn struggled to seat his large girth, Walter said “don’t worry you’ll soon be used to how an old man gets in and out of chairs.” Walter sat down beside him and put his arm around Jocelyn’s shoulders, pulling him closer towards him. He continued to puff on his pipe and puffed smoke in Jocelyn’s direction. Jocelyn tried to pull away slightly but Walter’s grip was tight. He was enveloped in Walter’s pipe smoke and although he wanted to wave the smoke away he knew that this was not what Walter wanted. It was then he remembered that he had Walter’s pipe, pouch and lighter in his pocket, “I think you must have left these in the pockets by mistake.” “There was no mistake they are yours old man.” Jocelyn was disappointed with that answer, he didn’t want to start smoking, and however, he was aware that Walter knew best so he pretended interest, “What kind of tobacco are you smoking?” he asked. “Dunhill” replied Walter; “It’s a fine brand and the kind you’ll enjoy smoking with me.” “But I don’t smoke, I don’t want to…” “Ah but you will old man. Watch me smoke. Doesn’t it look good? The pipe is the sign of a mature man. You want to be like me don’t you? You want to have a pipe in your mouth and puff on fine tobacco. You want the smoke inside you and to breathe it in and out. There is nothing finer and I am right aren’t I?” He watched Walter puff his pipe; he looked at the stem resting against his lips, brushing against his thick moustache. It did look enticing, “But I’ve never smoked, I don’t think I want to. I enjoy looking at you smoke but I really don’t want to take it up myself.” Walter pulled Jocelyn closer. “You will smoke old man, you have no choice. I will develop you into a fine pipe man and soon you will wonder how you ever lived without the habit.” At this point Walter took a strong pull on his pipe and exhaled the smoke directly at Jocelyn’s mouth. “Kiss the bowl of my pipe.” Jocelyn tenderly and reverently kissed the pipe bowl. “Now run your tongue against the bowl”, it was quite hot but he ran his tongue over the bowl. “Now lick the pipe stem and run your tongue towards my lips.” He licked the pipe stem and his tongue slid towards Walter’s lips. As his tongue touched Walter’s lips Walter blew smoke directly into Jocelyn’s mouth. Walter looked so sexy smoking his pipe, Jocelyn was so excited by what was happening to him, he knew he would do anything to please this sexy old man. Walter pulled on his pipe and inhaled the smoke. He pulled Jocelyn’s mouth towards his and planted a kiss on his lips. As he did so he forced Jocelyn’s lips apart with his tongue and exhaled his smoke into Jocelyn’s waiting mouth. “Hold the smoke in your mouth” he commanded. “Now breathe it in.” Jocelyn inhaled; his heart was beating faster with excitement. “Now exhale.” He did as he was told and the smoke issued from his mouth and nose.

Walter removed the pipe from his mouth and tapped the bowl into the ashtray. The tobacco smoldered and went out. Walter took the burnt ash and partially burnt tobacco in his hand and then pushed it into Jocelyn’s mouth. “Now swallow it old man.” Jocelyn swallowed with difficulty, it tasted horrible but he knew he had to do this. “Now you have it inside you, you are on your way to becoming a pipe man. You want to smell of pipe smoke, in your clothes, on your body, in your moustache.” Walter didn’t wait for an answer but continued, “You love to be in a room full of pipe smoke, to be in the company of other pipe smokers because it makes you feel good. You feel sexy and your cock gets hard every time you think of me smoking. You long to watch me smoke my cigars and my pipes. You need to inhale my smoke and you want me to fuck you whilst I smoke. You want to smoke while you are being fucked and, for you, sex is nothing without it. You need the taste of tobacco in your mouth, you feel incomplete without it. Am I right?” Jocelyn nodded and said, “You are right, Sir, you are always right. Please blow your smoke at me, make me smell of your pipe smoke, breathe your smoke into my mouth, make me into your pipe slave, make me worship you and your pipe, it is all I ever wanted. I was wrong; I do want to be a pipe smoker and a cigar smoker. Please teach me, and please make me like you.” Walter leaned over towards Jocelyn, taking a big pull on his pipe. He held the smoke and then put his mouth over Jocelyn’s. Jocelyn opened his lips and inhaled strongly as Walter breathed all the smoke into him. Jocelyn held the smoke and then exhaled with a satisfied expression. “More!” he said. Walter repeated the smoke kiss and now Jocelyn tasted and smelled the glorious smoke that was Walter, he had passed the point on no return, now feeling better than he had ever felt.

Walter took Jocelyn to a fine restaurant where they had a splendid and very large lunch with plenty of wine and brandies to follow. Jocelyn had never eaten such large quantities of food in one sitting; he felt bloated but realized that he would be eating at this rate from now on in order to maintain his stout figure. Walter lit a large cigar after the meal demonstrating to Jocelyn how the cigar lighting ritual was to be carried out. He handed a fresh cigar to Jocelyn and watched as he tried to remember the correct way to light it. Jocelyn remembered well and was soon puffing at his first cigar although he felt self-conscious having never smoked in public before. They both created clouds of smoke between them causing disapproving looks from other diners. Jocelyn overheard a comment from a couple of young businessmen seated close by; they looked much as he had once looked. The comment was largely, “Look at those two old farts smoking, polluting the atmosphere and you’d think they’d have more consideration at their age.” Jocelyn realized that he was not like them anymore and at this moment he felt pangs of regret for the disappearance of his old self. With their cigars finished Walter realized that Jocelyn was tired and suggested they went home for a nap. “Men of our age must have their naps,” he said.

Upon arriving home all that Jocelyn wanted to do was sleep. He went to his room, undressed down to his underwear and put a pair of pajamas on. He placed his silk dressing gown and leather slippers beside the bed, climbed into bed and was straight to sleep.

A couple of hours later he awoke got up and walked into his bathroom in need of a pee. He pulled his short and fat cock out, it was difficult to see what he was doing because his large belly was in the way, however, he managed to relieve himself but he was beginning to feel unhappy, he didn’t think he was going to be able to cope with being this old man he had become. Looking in the mirror at the face he was still not used to confirmed his unhappiness. This elderly bald man with white hair growing in all the wrong places, the ridiculous comb over trying to conceal an obvious bald dome, the fat body that stopped him from moving around with ease. What had happened to the trim and muscular 30 year old he once was? He resolved that he would talk to Walter; he would understand that he wanted to regain his former self. Jocelyn would explain that he loved Walter and would stay with him forever, he would even continue smoking for him but he could do all this as he used to be.

Walter did sit and listen as Jocelyn launched into his speech. Finally, Walter spoke. “I understand that you have some concerns but I’m afraid there is no going back. This is who you are and there can be no change, you must resolve to get used to it. I know you love me sincerely and by your own choice, as I hoped you would, however, the wonderful experiment I have put you through is irreversible. I will take complete care of you, we are a couple and I will treat you dearly as my partner. All the difficult decisions will be taken care of and I will provide for you. All I require is that you respect me and understand that I know what is best for you.” Jocelyn was moved by this declaration that he was safe and secure but he wanted to know how his old self could just disappear with no one asking where he had gone, with no friends of his own age, no family, nothing he could call his own. Walter smiled sympathetically and said, “I understand your worries but all has been taken care of with thoroughness. I found out all about you before you came here. Your business belongs to me and your other affairs have been dealt with, you are now completely dependent upon me. You had no friends because your life style never allowed that sort of thing, as for your family they hardly saw you before your new life and you had made it quite clear to them that they were excess baggage, they won’t expect or want to hear from you. These were the choices you made when you ran your own life so it was easy to convince everyone that you had set out for a new life elsewhere.” Jocelyn knew this was true; no one would be too bothered about his “disappearance”. Walter put his arm around Jocelyn to comfort him, “Do not worry you will now be happy. You will become used to the man you are before you know it. Everyone will see you as an elderly gentleman; you will make new friends, my friends, and men like us who appreciate the finer things in life such as a good smoke, good wine, good food. We’ll enjoy a sedate, conservative and old-fashioned lifestyle as elderly gentlemen. You are a pipe and slippers man who is married to another pipe and slippers man. You are deeply in love with me as I am with you. Are you happy with that?” “Yes Sir I am truly happy with that”, replied Jocelyn and with that the two men embraced and kissed.

Walter was absolutely right. Jocelyn adored Walter and felt more loved than he had ever been in his life. All he wanted to do was to please Walter and he knew he did need the kind of life that he could provide for him. He was Walter’s man and wanted to be so in every sense, he wanted to defer to his better judgment and being passive was easy really. Jocelyn knew he was ready to be cared for and his thoughts were never far away from the sexual aspect of the relationship. They had not consummated their relationship totally and Jocelyn wanted sex with Walter, he wanted to learn how to satisfy his sexual needs. Although he wanted sex with him as soon as possible and as often as possible, in all positions and all kinds of ways, he knew he would have to wait until Walter made the first move.

That evening after dinner Walter suggested that it was time for bed. Jocelyn made his way to his own room but Walter said it was time they went to his room. They both undressed down to their underwear, putting their pajamas on top. Once in bed Walter propped himself up on his pillows and lit his pipe, feeding Jocelyn the smoke he now expected and needed. Jocelyn was as hard as a rock as he accepted the smoke from Walter’s mouth whilst enfolded in his arms. Walter put Jocelyn in the place he belonged, down at Walter’s cock. He took Walter’s short, fat and stiff cock and sucked it, feeling the foreskin in his mouth, rubbing it back and forth. He groaned in ecstasy as Walter moaned and finally pumped his mouth with spunk. They slept for a while but later Walter roused him pushing from the bed so that he could be pushed to his knees and face fucked. Jocelyn was enveloped by the aroma of Walter’s body and breathed in the scent as if it were the most beautiful in the world. Walter stood above him enjoying the sensation of having his cock sucked and then reached for his pipe that he lit and proceeded to blow smoke all over Jocelyn. As more and more smoked covered him, Jocelyn moaned with pleasure and increased his sucking motion so that his adored man’s cock was soon pumping into his mouth. The two men collapsed back into bed and lay peacefully stroking each other. 

Later still Walter got out of bed, motioned for Jocelyn to follow him and stand before the full length mirror attached to the far wall of the room. Walter took out a pipe, lit it and puffed it into life. He placed the pipe stem in Jocelyn’s mouth and Jocelyn pulled at the pipe producing streams of smoke. He saw himself in the mirror and the image of his face with a pipe, smoking, gave him the biggest erection he had ever experienced. Walter lit another pipe and clenched between his teeth he said, “Look at yourself, you are a fine man. That pipe suits you very well what do you think?” “Oh!” said Jocelyn, “It looks wonderful.” As they stood before the mirror Walter lowered Jocelyn’s pajama trousers and slid his underpants down. Soon he pushed his cock into Jocelyn’s rear hole and slid back and forth inside him. Both men puffed on their pipes as Walter’s thrusts became stronger and stronger; Jocelyn watched the reflections, two old men fucking, smoking, his breasts and belly being caressed, his fat nipples being tweaked by strong hands, he could hardly hold his orgasm in any longer. As Walter reached his climax so did Jocelyn both still puffing hard on their pipes and almost fogging the room, Jocelyn pumped his spunk down the mirror and the two slowed down to exhausted relaxation.

Now that Jocelyn felt he truly belonged to Walter they relaxed into an easy and comfortable relationship. Sex was frequent and passionate and fulfilling. Life was comfortable and enjoyable. Jocelyn had adjusted to his body now and found ways of coping. He was a 67-year-old man, of course he was, and he would be 68 in a month. He smoked his pipes and cigars all the time, just like Walter, he enjoyed it.

Jocelyn now had a wardrobe full of clothes, largely selected by Walter, however he now picked his own items as his taste matched that of a formal old man. He was now used to being treated as an elder statesman by younger men, in fact by men who would in reality be older than his real age. Incredibly, he often thought, young men seemed much more attracted to him now that he looked older. He was aware of the looks of attraction he received, especially when he smoked his pipe. He liked this attention and so played to his audience by making a real show of preparing and lighting his pipe. These young men seemed, like him, to long for an older man to take them under his wing, take full care of them and teach them the ways of maturity and masculinity. Jocelyn never acted on any approaches or flirtations, he had no feelings of attraction towards younger men, they left him feeling how lucky he was to be the older man and to have his own “real” man to take care of him. Jocelyn’s daily routine was settled and he took life at a slow pace, comfortable and organized. One thing that had not slowed was his sexual energy; he enjoyed a more active sex life now than he had ever done before and despite outward appearances, his internal workings were certainly like those of a 30 year old. He was constantly horny and although Walter could do very well, he wasn’t always totally able to keep up with Jocelyn’s sexual demands. This was no problem really as Jocelyn was able to wank himself whenever the need arose.

Often the morning ritual would bring Jocelyn to relieve his sexual desires. He enjoyed the process of getting himself washed, shaved and dressed. Upon waking he would reach for his pipe and light up to smoke his first bowl of the day. Blowing smoke from his mouth and nose he would look in the bathroom mirror, comb the strands of white hair across his bald and shiny dome, apply hair cream with a comb, brush his smoke filled moustache then apply shaving cream with a brush to his face before shaving his cheeks and chin. By the time he had completed the shave his cock would be stiff. This would lead to him rubbing his hands over his fleshy breasts and ball belly and the sight of this hairy old man would always turn him on. It was never long before he grabbed his fat cock and started pumping it. As he puffed smoke and told himself what a fat, ugly old man he had become, stinking of pipe smoke, he would shoot his load of cum into the washbasin. Satisfied, life was great. Now to get dressed and go to the tobacconist, they always made a big fuss of him there.

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