Male Transformation Stories
Rogue Gain

Rogue Gain


When Andrew entered the barber shop, the first thought that crossed his mind was : “This ain’t no hair salon.” To say the place was dingy was an overstatement, but being accustomed with bright lights, airy spaces and waltzing coiffeurs, this was several notches below his high standard in hair dressing. Unfortunately for Andrew, his usual hair stylist was sick with the flu and he couldn’t get an appointment before the next day. And he needed a haircut now. A friend of his had arranged a blind date, saying the guy was a gift from heaven and Andrew wanted to look his best.

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Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect

by Unknown

It had been a tough year. After graduation, I had taken a job here in town, with the hope that I could keep on living the college life. Unfortunately, it hadn’t occurred to me that once most of my fraternity brothers left to build their lives elsewhere, the appeal of living in a college town would fade quickly. Now my job wasn’t going well either, and I was depressed and bored. As I stood at the mirror, I couldn’t help but sigh. Talk about Joe Average. Sandy brown hair, thin, not much of an upper body. Something’s gotta change, I thought to myself. I went to check the morning mail. In amongst the junk was a small flat square envelope. There was no return address. Inside was just an unmarked CD.

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It’s A Wonderful Life by Rik

The story begins two weeks before Christmas. Dan Shaw is working late running his finance business in the heart of London. Dan has worked hard to establish his growing empire but he has been ruthless in his dealings, never one to do a favour to anyone unless he perceives a return worth his while…


Al Faces Physics

Al is a high school senior who loves to party and just about nothing else. All he ever does is party. School started in September for him, and he promised his mom that he would not go to any party until his schoolwork was done. Obviously, he broke this promise on the second day when he went to a back-to-school party hosted by him and the rest of the football team. He was the star quarterback for his high school’s team and they never lost a game. As the months went by, his parents noticed that his grades hadn’t been remotely better than they were his junior year; in fact, they got worse. His junior year, Al rocked a C+ average in just about every one of his classes, except band in which he got an A. If you don’t get an A in his band class, you might as well move on to better things. This year, he started with a C+ average and, most likely due to senioritis, he had barely passed all of his classes, except for physics in which he was failing.

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The Online Revenge

The online revenge

(The following is my first attempt at writing a story so any comments would be very much appreciated. The main focus of the story is weight gain, age progression and baldness. Thank you - voodooweaver)

Will was putting the finishing touches on the website he was designing. The client had placed the order since a month ago and it had kept Will quite busy throughout that time. He felt a sense of pride as he gave one final surveying look at his work before sending the confirmation email to the client stating that the project was complete.

As he clicked the send button, he lay back in his chair and placed his arms behind his head.

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Making Changes

Note: I thought this was up already… >_>

by eBenTrovato

Robert had been hanging around the local chatroom online for a while now and was about to call it quits when a new handle showed up in the userlist. BearMuscl. Hmm. Not one to pass up a hot bear, Robert called up BearMuscl’s profile. 36, 5’11”, 195lbs, black hair, muscular build, worked out three times a week. “Woof,” Robert thought to himself.

Opening up a message window, Robert sent a ‘Howdy’ and sat back. BearMuscl was probably checking out his profile and Robert hoped he liked what he saw. 38, 5’10”, 175lbs, dark brown hair. He kept meaning to update the profile, he’d kept a beard for a while now and was moderately hairy, something of a bear himself. Yeah, he was moving out of his greenest pastures, but he could still turn heads. Unfortunately he hadn’t been getting much more lately than heads turning away.

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Anything new on the horizon?

Yes. I just received another story submission, and I’m also reworking on another story of my own.

Teaching is Transformative: Quarterback Edition

by: Chickenpaddy

Our world is full of mysteries. The unexplained and the unknown litter the planet right under our nose, and most of us ignore it. Every day, the strange and the mysterious move about just out of our perception. The otherworldly and questionable pass before us, unperceived. The dark and dangerous peer at us from the shadows. Sometimes these unknowns are explored by the brave and the curious. Other times they come to find us. This truth was known more to others than most, especially one man named Eric Wilson.

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Keeping the Team together

by Tfn2chimp

XXX to (American) Football Equipment. If this material doesn’t suit your tastes, then DO NOT READ THIS. 

Cody was the star quarterback for the Texas Longhorns football team. He was as close to looking like a god as anyone could. Six foot four, 235 pounds of lean muscle. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and perfectly chiseled face. Cody was gorgeous and everyone including him knew it. Cody was more in love with himself than anyone could imagine. Cody treated everyone like dirt, except for his little clique of teammate buddies that tagged along with him wherever he went. They were all inseparable, and just as obnoxious as Cody. They were, Justin and Alex the wide receivers. Mark and Rob the running backs and Terrell the kicker. No matter where these guys went in town, they pushed everyone around and expected special treatment because of who they were. But things were about to change drastically for the arrogant jocks. One night just before an away game, they were to play the Oklahoma Sooners, in Oklahahoma. Austin, the Sooners quarterback hated Cody. They use to play football together in high school. They fought for the same position, and Austin usually won out, which made Cody very jealous of Austin. Austin looked like a Greek god. He was tall, with piercing blue eyes and black hair. Perfectly sculpted body. Totally ripped. All the girls wanted to date Austin, but Austin was secretly gay, and just had a hard time dating women.

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